Hawk, Squawk and Holler

From the author
For a few weeks, I had been putting bird food along the railing of my porch. On this particular morning, I decided to have breakfast before feeding the birds. I then heard a quick “peck peck peck” at the front door. A little later there was another “peck peck peck”. Curious, I peeked out the door and there was a crow perched on the railing, looking towards me. I thought there’s no way that crow just knocked on my door. After viewing videos about the intelligence of crows, there was no doubt that the crow knew where the food was coming from and was looking for more! Now follow Hawk, Squawk, and Holler to Waterhole Alley where they find a feast and learn how they got their names.
To learn about the intelligence of crows, search “crows solving puzzles” on Youtube.com.

You can pick up you Hawk, Squawk and Holler on Amazon.com

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